Seagoing sailing vessel "Doris" for sale

The "Doris" is a heavily built and well maintained schooner rigged cutter. She is fitted out for long journeys at sea with all supplies for a comfortable stay on board. The staysail schooner rigging, in combination with two Profurl roll patents, makes the ship easy to handle even with one or two people on board.

The interior is of a simple and practical design and is very well fitted for living on board. The wheelhouse is provided with a small galley, shower and toilet. In the stern of the ship there is a simple captain's cabin with workspace and sufficient cupboard space. Below deck is a cozy saloon, a practical galley, shower with sit bath, separate toilet and the guest or crew cabins (one 3 person cabin, one 2 person cabin and 3 bunks ). In the forepart of the ship is a storage room, where also the freezer, washing machine and dryer are located and at deck level there is a little workshop.

The engine room is technical 100%, with a medium speed ABC main engine - still in production at the factory in Belgium - which give the ship a top speed of 11 knots and a average speed of 8,5 knots, modern generators and a modern up to date electrical system. The ship has a spacious and well organized deck- layout, which also gives you enough cover when sailing in rough seas. The Doris is equipped with a complete navigation system.